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What Aspects of Adulthood Remind You of The Things You Experienced As A Child?

Which of These Adulthood Situations Makes You Nostalgic For Your Early Life Perks?

Is Adulthood a scam?

What aspects of adulthood remind you of the things you experienced as a child?

Which of These Adulthood Situations Makes You Nostalgic For Your Early Life Perks?

When we were children, we had no financial obligations and all of our needs were met without our help. We had no idea what adulthood was like because all we had to do was ask for things, which our parents would then grant without explaining how they managed to make us happy. Since we’ve grown up, we’ve begun to understand that comfort often comes at a high price and leaves us uncomfortable. When I returned from work one day feeling exhausted and with little to show for it, I got sober and went to my grandmother’s room to ask her, “Ma! Why didn’t you people warn me that maturity is this demanding? Why wasn’t I informed right away? I would have brought my gear!

Many of us used to spend a great deal of time pondering when we would get older and finally be adults. How are things going now?

Which of These Adulthood Situations Makes You Nostalgic For Your Early Life Perks?

Lade, the stunning voice behind the well-known Airtel 444 commercial theme song, recently dropped a new song called “Adulthood Anthem (Adulthood Na Scam)” in which she reflected on how adulthood has robbed us of our carefree childhoods. This takes us to the article’s theme, which is about adult realities that make us nostalgic for our younger years.

Feeding oneself is a need. One surefire indication that adulthood is a hoax is this. So you’re saying that when I return home, my folks won’t have supper ready for me? I’m not getting any more meat from my mother? Wow, I guess I have to find something to eat on my own? This is treason.

Managing meat and fish becomes a priority. Nobody will ever tell you to start reducing your meat and fish intake until you can really feed yourself and realize how much turkey and Titus cost on the market. More so in light of the fact that constable sapa is present.

You are eligible for heartbreak or emotional damage. Adulthood may seem like a realm of romance and pleasure up until one person disturbs your tranquility and breaks your heart. What exactly did I do to you folks, for instance? Is being an adult a crime?

To get things done, you must find the motivation within. Who will if not you, then? Therefore, in order to avoid being fired, you must inspire yourself to arrive on time for work. To invest more effort into your own personal development, you must push yourself to get up in the middle of the night.

When we were younger, returning home from school to a lunch was always a given. If it started to rain, we would go out dancing in the rain without thinking twice about the potential for getting sick. When we are sick and are offered medications, we take some and discard some, paying no attention to the cost of the medications. Adults, try this now! Even the mere mention of the price would dissuade such an idea. You wouldn’t bother trying it now that you’re an adult because of the pay cut you’ll receive for being away from work for too long (due to you throwing away your medicines before you’re fully recovered).

Money for the little things that meant a lot to us as children was definitely in our pocket money. We rarely considered saving since we knew that our father would send us more pocket money as soon as the current one ran out.

When they were young, who was responsible for paying the rent? Do any of us remember worrying as children about paying our rent, energy bills, filling the house with food, fretting about school fees, and purchasing clothes for holidays like Christmas and Eid el-Fitr? NOT AT ALL.

According to Lade, who wrote the song “Adulthood Anthem (Adulthood na scam),” growing up comes with a lot of eye-opening facts. Everyone experiences the difficulties that come with being an adult, the difficulties that come with being an individual man, as it is stated, “If you no get, na you sabi.”

Bring me back to the times when life consisted only of play and sleep! Being an adult arrived much too soon. The times when we used to like having guests around because of the cash they’d leave us when they left. When we used to save our mother’s change for extra food we wanted to purchase for the following day’s school.

No longer are you offered free money. Now that everyone is an adult. Deal with it, and they’ll probably drag you for it the next time you transgress.

Your younger children, on the other hand, anticipate receiving money from you. These people are unaware of their ailments. They are unaware that you anticipate receiving lost money as well. the slum. Sorry ladies, but you are all corporate panhandlers on these streets.

Those were the days when we used to play football on the streets with the children from the neighboring street. The classic games that we like to play as children include “suweh, after round one, mini minimanimo, who is in the garden, police and thief,” and the process continues on.

Now that we are adults, lunch is not always waiting for us at home. Without work, we can’t make money, without money, we can’t make food, and without food in the pot, we have nothing to eat. Now, do you get the point? For us grownups, there is no more “Free money,” as there was when we were children. Right now, we’re caught in the trinity of hustling, cash, and survival.

Life as it is now cannot be likened to how it was when we were children; there is a clear difference. We can all agree that adult life today is challenging and can only be endured by acquiring several essentials for ourselves. The traditional method of collecting money from our parents to support ourselves is no longer in place. We now have to strive to pay them back for all of the love and support they gave us while we were young.

Each of us can agree that being adults has given us many obligations we weren’t concerned about when we were younger. We silently ask for each other’s ability to easily assume those tasks. Although adulthood may be a fraud, it is up to each of us to make the most of it as we go through it.

Here’s to You! What Aspect of Your Adult Life Makes You Reminiscent of Your Childhood?

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