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Rema Slowly Becoming Bigger Than The Nigerian Music Industry

Opinion: Rema Slowly Becoming Bigger Than The Nigerian Music Business

In an interview, the teen rapper and singer once discussed fusing Afrobeats and trap to create a new sound that is inspiring the youth of his nation.

Rema, who was born Divine Ikubor, was raised in Nigeria’s thriving Benin City, which is close to the country’s southern shore. His father’s death from asthma-related complications when Rema was only 8 years old forced him to mature at a young age. After that, in 2015, his older brother also passed away. He was compelled to look for employment in order to support his mother, a wholesale goods trader. Rema replies, suddenly serious, “I was lost after losing my brother.” In order to succeed in society, I had to alter my speech and behavior.

His church, which had separate services for adults and teenagers, is where he first fell in love with music. He recruited a few of his fellow young churchgoers and exploited that freedom to launch a rap group. Rema explains, “We had to do it all by ourselves since the adults weren’t ready for it yet. The adults gradually warmed up to his group, but only after he added particular components. We had to draw people in with costumes and dance movements because everyone in this area only listens to Afrobeats, he claims. It’s where I discovered that if I want to impress someone, I must do both of my favorite things.

2018 saw the random front-seat freestyle to D’Prince’s “Gucci Gang” posted on social media by a bored Rema. The message spread, and Rema soon got a direct message from D’Prince. To record, the teenager was soon flown to Lagos. When D’Prince put Rema in the studio with an Afrobeats producer, she was frightened because at the time she only had trap songs. But I didn’t force it; I just added some trap vibes. D’Prince introduced Don Jazzy, the founder of Mavin Records, to the music, and Rema was subsequently signed to the influential label. “Yes, oh my god, yes!” I yelled. Rema reflects, appearing as though he is about to cry joyful tears once more. I was wanted by the biggest label in Nigeria.

Rema has released a follow-up EP that includes refined versions of his trap-influenced Instagram freestyles, showcasing his unflappable cool under any kind of music. Four of the top ten most streamed songs in Nigeria as of this writing are Rema tracks, which soon rose to the top of the Apple Music chart in his own nation. The young musician reacts to his explosive success by laughing in surprise and saying, “What can I say, I’m a superstar!”

The Next Wave of Nigerian Pop Is Headed by Rema

Opinion: Rema Slowly Becoming Bigger Than The Nigerian Music Business

This Friday, Nigerian musician Rema will release the remix of his worldwide smash song “Calm Down,” which also features American diva Selena Gomez.

The well-known American singer, who has a staggering 344 million Instagram followers, confirmed the collaboration herself and even posted a portion of the song.

Divine Ikubor, better known by his stage names Rema or Remmy Boy, is a famous Nigerian musician and vocalist who became well-known after the song “Iron Man” was released.

He entered into a recording contract with Mavin Records’ subsidiary Jonzing World in 2019.

American singer, songwriter, and actress Selena Marie Gomez. Barney & Friends is a children’s television program where Gomez made her acting debut.

She gained notoriety while she was a teenager for playing the title character Alex Russo in the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Following the enormous success of Rema’s track “Calm Down” off his Rave & Roses, the Mavin Records superstar will release the remix of the song on Friday, August 26, 2022, featuring Selena Gomez.

It was said by someone that over time, Rema will surpass the Nigerian music industry in size.

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