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Home » Lil Baby Announces New Album ‘It’s Only Me’ And Releases ‘Detox’ Video

Lil Baby Announces New Album ‘It’s Only Me’ And Releases ‘Detox’ Video

Lil Baby Announces New Album 'It's Only Me' And Releases 'Detox' Video

Lil Baby has formally started his new Album rollout in the wake of teasing the appearance of his new task throughout the summer.
On Friday (September 2), the Atlanta rap star released another single called “Detox,” and he also followed up the track’s release for certain substantial details in regards to the development to his 2020 4x-platinum blockbuster My Turn, which in March turned into the longest-running album to stay chat the Top 10 of Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums graph.

Lil Baby Announces New Album 'It's Only Me' And Releases 'Detox' Video

Taking to Instagram to share the apbum cover art, Baby declared his next project will drop on October 14, and that it’ll be named It’s Only Me.

“It’s Only Me “ 10-14-22 I Kno Its Been Along Time Coming But I’m Coming Harder And Harder …… #worththewait,” Baby wrote on IG.

The cover art for It’s Only Me is painted in a similar style to the front of My Turn. This time around, Baby is seen smoking while sat on a stone as opposed to on a bluff, and is surrounded by a couple of goats. In the clouds over, Baby’s face should be visible coming to fruition alongside the faces of his two sons.
The huge uncover showed up moments after Baby dropped off the visual backup to “Detox,” which finds the Quality Control star wearing many hats as he stars as a determined businessman, a yoga instructor and a fighter.

Look at the video for “Detox” beneath:

Generally speaking, the profoundly expected rollout caps off what’s been an all around massive summer for the “Staying Alive” star, who just wrapped up his extensive One Of Them Ones Tour with Chris Brown on August 27.
The exceptionally following day Lil Baby won the Best Hip-Hop grant at the MTV VMA’s for his “Do We Have A Problem?” collab with Nicki Minaj.

Baby’s also made chance to give his fans some new tracks en route, and these past couple of months has dropped the songs “Right On,” “Frozen” and “In a Minute.” It’s muddled in the event that any of these songs will show up on It’s Only Me.
Music aside, Lil Baby’s Amazon Prime narrative Untrapped hit was released last Friday (August 26), showcasing Baby’s explosive rise into the superstar he is today

“If even one person is inspired to think their life can change, or be close to what they dream of, then this documentary was worth making,”

the 4PF boss said of the doc in a statement.

“I just want to share my story in the hope that it helps others get to their own best story.”

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