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Home » Asake: Sweeping The Globe and Africa With Afro-Street Pop

Asake: Sweeping The Globe and Africa With Afro-Street Pop

Asake is Sweeping The Globe and Africa With Afro-Street Pop

The songs of debauchery, lingua, and money that are emerging from Nigeria’s Afro-street pop movement are the most accurate and truthful of all the music being produced there. We at Hipmelody talked about how Asake’s music provides an escape in a location like Nigeria where lives are pushed to the limit, about his music career trajectory, and about how he’s saturating the music scene.

The YBNL-signed artist Ahmed Ololade, often known as Asake or Mr. Money, a Lagos-based Afro-street and Afrobeat singer, has been instrumental in broadcasting the transformation taking place in the music industry. The versatile hitmaker, who currently represents street Afropop, an Afrobeats subgenre that originated in the ghetto regions of Nigeria

Asake is Sweeping The Globe and Africa With Afro-Street Pop

Asake gained notoriety quickly after signing with the YBNL music label. He has since been hailed as a perfect replacement for some serial hitmakers in the Nigerian music industry, whereas it typically takes artists several years to establish themselves in a changing industry. Others, though, could disagree with it and think it’s simply being pretentious. Statistics don’t contradict facts, and numbers don’t lie.

The success of “Omo Ope” wasn’t unexpected because Asake has improved and been very consistent since his debut song, the underwhelming “Mr Money.” He has developed into that player with many hits in his arsenal. It’s more like David was hoarding rocks until the right moment to strike Goliath, and when he did, the strike was a banger that awoke the sleeping Philistines. Asake visits us with the exact tune we need at that moment just as the music industry, which is that Goliath, drops it when we’re all waiting in our customary eagerness for new music from the sector.

Asake has a unique singing technique, and when he sings, it frequently seems as though spirits are rising from his innermost being.

A few of the major songs we listened to this year were “Sungba,” “PBUY (Peace Be Unto You),” “Sungba Remix,” and “Pallazo,” which made us feel good about the young man’s talent. If we dig deeper, not many can claim Asake’s current accomplishments, which include five songs that have reached the top of the Nigerian music chart in the past six months. Without holding back, Asake is on par with singers like Kizz Daniel, Reekado Banks, Naira Marley, and Zlatan, who all got their start a few years before he ever dared to hope for the success of “Omo Ope.”

Everyone has a tale to tell, and Asake is not a musician who suddenly sprang out of thin air. Years of passion and perseverance have been put into the craft. He first began performing as a dancer while a Theatre Arts student at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, where he gained popularity for his iconic dance moves, thrilling performances, and his hit, “Joor Ah.”

Even though Asake has been active in the music business for some time and has recorded a number of tracks, 2022 will be his breakout year.

Olamide revealed Asake as the newest YBNL signee on February 8th, and six days later Asake confirmed the release of his self-titled first EP, Ololade Asake. Opening the year with “Omo Ope” featuring Olamide may have piqued people’s interest in Olamide’s newest signee or they may have been truly drawn to the music. Thankfully, the EP quickly reached the top of the charts after its publication.

Irrespective of the identity mystery, Asake is a musician whose songs and reputation as a hitmaker are indelible.

Recently, we’ve received a variety of feedback on Twitter; many people think Asake needs to vary things up and that his heavy percussion beats have grown boring. That Sungba beat is similar to Palazzo and PBUY in certain ways (Peace Be Unto You). Whatever the netizen’s viewpoint, Asake has never let it influence his musical taste.

It’s crucial to remember that although skill is one thing, an artist must also have a solid work ethic and the courage to step outside of his comfort zone. After that, Asake! Both when he’s on the mike and in the video, his enthusiasm and confidence are unrivaled.

He recently received a formal signing to Empire Label. integrating Olamide and Fireboy into the label. The musician has also used his social media accounts to let his followers know that his debut album, Mr. Money With The Vibe (MMWTV), is coming soon.

Asake is without a doubt the rave of the moment, spreading afro-street pop like a locomotive that is impossible to stop.

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