Soulja Boy Claims To Have Invented Tiktok, And The Interviewer Responds With A Hilarious Response

Soulja Boy Claims To Have Invented Tiktok, And The Interviewer Responds With A Hilarious Response

Soulja Boy says he made Tiktok

Soulja Boy has taken credit for a great deal of things via virtual entertainment, yet his most recent case of development is absolutely absurd.

During his appearance on the It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast, which debuted on Thursday (March 24), Soulja Boy asserted he made TikTok and the questioner’s reaction was funny.

During the 37-minute meeting, Raquel asked SB who he might want to work with in music and the Atlanta rapper answered that he might want to do a tune with Jay-Z.


Big Draco added that since he got Beyoncé doing the “Crank That” dance, her significant other Hov ought to give back and give him a component.

“Man I want that Roc Nation refrain… man you trippin’,” he expressed. “I got Beyoncé doing the ‘Crack That Soulja Boy.’”

Raquel then asked how did that change the game? Soulja then playfully answered, “I made TikTok! It wouldn’t be no TikTok if not for Soulja Boy.”

“Goodness crap. Um, OK,” Raq answered, obviously not trusting him. “What might be said about the proprietor of TikTok? He didn’t not make anything?”

Soulja then, at that point, added, “Would I be able to get my 10% TikTok? What the f**k is going on!”

Soulja proceeded to make sense of that he’s grateful for the stage since his 2021 melody “She Make It Clap” became a web sensation on TikTok and launch his tune to No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Triller outline while he was an autonomous craftsman.

The record likewise ultimately got him a record bargain. Soulja Boy, who as of late declared that he’s a prospective father, has accomplished numerous firsts via web-based entertainment.

The 31-year-old craftsman was quick to circulate around the web on YouTube, the primary rapper to get checked on Instagram, the main rapper to join Twitter and get 1 million preferences on a tweet, and some more.

Overall, Big Draco is the viral/online entertainment lord. Stand by listening to Soulja Boy’s meeting on the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast underneath.

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